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Dr Zeinab Khalil is an Australian Research Council Future Fellow at Institute for Molecular Bioscience, University of Queensland. Dr Khalil is the leader of the Antimicrobial Research and Development program and the first Australian citizen science initiative, Soils for Science. Dr. Khalil, obtained a MSc in Microbiology and Immunology and a PhD in Organic Chemistry and Microbiology specialising in antibiotic biodiscovery research. With a multidisciplinary expertise spanning organic chemistry and microbiology and genomics, Dr. Khalil has made significant contributions to antibiotic biodiscovery research, leading projects with industry partners and establishing the Biodiscovery@UQ facility.

Dr Khalil’s research in drug discovery revolves around advancing the field of antibiotic biodiscovery. With a foundation in multidisciplinary research, particularly in organic chemistry and microbiology, they are dedicated to identifying and developing new antibiotics to address the escalating challenges posed by drug-resistant pathogens. Leveraging high-throughput, high-efficiency methodologies, their research spans the exploration of chemical and biological properties of natural products produced by Australian marine and terrestrial microbes. Dr Khalil’s has identified and evaluated over 60 new drugs targeting infectious diseases, published >95 scientific articles attracting substantial research funding exceeding $5 million. They have led projects with industry partners, including those targeting animal health (ELANCO) and crop improvement (NEXGEN Plants), as well as exploring microbial chemical diversity (Microbial Screening Technologies; BioAustralis).

Dr Khalil’s current focus in drug discovery encompasses the continual pursuit of innovative solutions to combat antibiotic resistance, establish collaborative partnerships, and contribute to the global effort to address pressing health challenges.


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