2022 Investigators

Prof David Fairlie

University of Queensland

“Modulating protein-protein interactions in disease”



Prof Trent Woodruff

University of Queensland

Developing new therapies targeting innate immune mediated inflammation in neurodegenerative disease



Prof Kate Schroder

University of Queensland

Inflammasome inhibitors as new first-in-class anti-inflammatory therapies



Prof Jason Roberts

University of Queensland

Translating precision antibiotic dosing into better outcomes for severe infections



Prof Gabrielle Belz

University of Queensland

Harnessing immune cell programs to drive immune protection



Dr Kirsty Short

University of Queensland

Pandemic-proofing our future



2021 Investigators

Prof Mark Walker

University of Queensland

"Scarlet fever pandemic and reversing antibiotic resistance"



Prof Don McManus

QIMR Berghofer Medical Research Institute

"A worm-free world: defeating parasitic helminths via global integrated control"



Prof Peter Sly

University of Queensland

"Early life exposures and chronic disease: mechanisms and preventative strategies"



Prof Matthew Sweet

University of Queensland

"Reprogramming innate immunity to combat inflammatory and infectious diseases"



Prof Colleen Lau

University of Queensland

"Building Decision Support Systems to Combat Emerging Infectious Diseases and Neglected Tropical Diseases: A Precision Public Health Approach"



Dr Adam Irwin

University of Queensland

"Overcoming the barriers to treatment of multi-drug resistant Gram-negative bloodstream infections in Australian children"



2020 Investigators

Prof Andreas Suhrbier            

QIMR Berghofer Medical Research Institute

"Developing interventions for chikungunya virus and Zika virus"



Prof Ian Frazer

University of Queensland

"Pathogen promoters of squamous epithelial cancer"



Prof Jennifer Stow

University of Queensland

"GTPase regulation of cellular pathways in inflammation and cancer"



Prof David Paterson

University of Queensland

"Clinical Trials of Strategies of Treatment of Antibiotic Resistant Bacteria"




Immunotherapy for infection and cancer; 2015-2019 $10,150,00

R. Thomas (UQ)

P. Hugenholtz (UQ AID)

G. Hill (QIMRB)

M. Degli-Esposti (UWA)

I. Frazer (UQ AID)


Proteins, glycans and host-pathogen interactions: targets for novel drugs and vaccines; 2015-2019 $8,795,785

J.C. Paton (University of Adelaide)

M.P. Jennings (Griffith University)

M. von Itzstein (Griffith University)

M.J. Walker (UQ AID)

B. Kobe (UQ AID)


Immunotherapy in cancer and virus infection; 2018-2022 $9,312,735

R. Khanna (QIMRB AID)

S.R. Burrows (QIMRB AID)

D.M. Thomas (Garvan Institute)


Tropical diseases: Translating discoveries into better health; 2018-2022 $19,803,660

J. McCarthy (QIMRB AID)

N. Anstey (CDU)

D. Doolan (JCU)

C. Engwerda (QIMRB AID)

M. Good (Griffith)

A. Loukas (JCU)

R. Price (MSHR)

D. McManus (QIMRB AID)

I. Toth (UQ AID

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