Dr David Muller is a molecular virologist having received his PhD from the University of Queensland. The major focus of his research is to understand virus-host interactions with a particular focus on 3 viruses; dengue virus - a serious mosquito-borne disease in many tropical countries, poliovirus - a disabling and life-threatening disease on the verge of eradication, and more recently SARS-CoV-2 – the virus responsible for the current pandemic. This research extends from virus-host interactions at the cellular level through to understanding virus immune system interplay and how to exploit this for novel vaccine design. To maximise the immunological impact of vaccine candidate’s Dr Muller uses a High-density Microarray Patch skin delivery platform. This platform delivers vaccine to the layers of the skin rich in antigen presenting cells. This targeted delivery produces enhanced immune responses with a fraction of a dose when compared to traditional needle-based vaccine delivery systems.


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