Researcher biography

Ricardo J. Soares Magalhães is Professor of Zoonotic Disease Epidemiology and Biosecurity and Director of the Queensland Alliance for One Health Sciences. Prof. Soares Magalhaes is a European Veterinary Board Specialist in Population Medicine with extensive national and international research experience in three main areas: spatial epidemiology of zoonotic infections, outbreak response for emerging infectious diseases and risk assessment of animal’s environmental health/biosecurity. A key focus of his team's current research is to develop geographical risk assessment methods to assist disease prioritisation for improved surveillance and risk management in both human and animal populations (“geo-One Health”).

Prof. Soares Magalhães’s team is currently leading the development of a number of nationwide epidemiological data analytics platforms including for zoonotic influenza (WHO SEARO, WHO Nepal), antimicrobial resistance in agribusinesses and the environment (CRC SAAFE) and veterinary clinical data (VARDC and ACARCinom).