Researcher biography

Ricardo J. Soares Magalhães is Associate Professor of Population Health and Biosecurity and Director of the Queensland Alliance for One Health Sciences. Dr Soares Magalhaes is a European Veterinary Board Specialist in Population Medicine with extensive research experience in three main areas: spatial epidemiology of zoonotic infections, outbreak response for emerging infectious diseases and animal's environmental health/biosecurity. A key focus of his current research is to understand the geographical risk and environmental drivers of major zoonotic diseases of humans in order to improve surveillance and risk management, with consequent reductions in their burden in human and animal populations ("geo-One Health").

Using a combination of geospatial methods, population-based surveys and intervention studies designed at UQ, Dr Soares Magalhães's team has shown the potential of enhanced biosecurity to reduce the risk of propagated outbreaks of avian influenza, rabies and Q fever. His team has recently shown that environmental variation in climate and landscape are major drivers of childhood zoonotic infections and associated morbidity including schistosomiasis, soil-transmitted helminth infections, anaemia and cognitive development.