Professor Cervin completed his medical degree at Lund University, Sweden and undertook specialist training at Lund University hospital.

He has been a recipient of the Garnett Passe and Rodney Williams Memorial Foundation Research Fellowship and is since 2012 Chair of Otolaryngology (Rhinology), Faculty of Medicine, University of Queensland.

Professor Cervin spends half of his time caring for patients with chronic upper respiratory tract infection and inflammation and the remaining time researching treatment options for this cohort of patients.

Prof Cervin is focusing on the role of the microbiota in health and disease in chronic airway disease and the possibility to modify disease expression by the introduction of a flora of bacteria with an interfering capacity against common airway pathogens (Probiotic).

He is principal investigator in the POPI project (Prevention of Otitis Media with Probiotics in Indigenous Children) and in the Probiotic Discovery & Development team, investigating probiotics for the treatment of chronic sinusitis.

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