Tuesday 13th November 2018

Parnell Building (7) Room 234 

Session 1

Chair: Alexander Khromykh (UQ-AID)

10.30 am Bronwyn Harchand Frank Gannon - Welcome
10.45 am

Paul Young (UQ-AID, SCMB)

Viral antigen clamping

11.00 am

Kate Stacey (UQ-AID, SCMB)

TLR4 antagonists as therapy for dengue virus infection

11.15 am

David Harrich (QIMRB-AID)

New small molecule inhibitors of HIV-1 reverse transcription act by a novel mechanism.

11.30 am

Katharina Ronacher (UQ-AID, MRI)

Differences in metabolic risk factors for tuberculosis in close contacts with diabetes from two ethnicities impacting M. tuberculosis growth.

11.45 am

Annika Antonsson (QIMRB-AID)

Sexual behaviour, oral HPV infection and head & neck cancer

12.00 pm

Ian Henderson (UQ-AID, IMB)


12.15 pm LUNCH

Session 2

Chair:  Mark Schembri (UQ-AID, TRI)

1.30 pm

Kate Schroder (UQ-AID, IMB)

Neutrophil NETosis in response to cytosolic bacteria

1.45 pm

Natalie Prow (QIMRB-AID)

A new replication-defective, vaccinia-derived vaccine vector system (SCV) is effective in preclinical studies against Zika and chikungunya viruses.

2.00 pm

Ash Haque (QIMRB-AID)

Using single-cell transcriptomics to explore host/pathogen interactions

2.15 pm

Christian Engwerda (QIMRB-AID)

Manipulating immune responses to improve human health

2.30 pm

Nick West (UQ-AID, SCMB)

Blocking Latent TB Infection to Reduce Therapy Duration

2.45 pm


Session 3

Chair: David Paterson (UQ-AID, UQCCR)

3.15 pm

James McCarthy (QIMRB-AID)

In vivo study of artemisinin resistance

3.30 pm

Antje Blumenthal (UQ-AID, DI)

Innate immune recognition of pathogenic mycobacteria

3.45 pm

Matt Sweet (UQ-AID, IMB)

Manipulating macrophage functions as an anti-infective strategy to combat bacterial pathogens

4.00 pm

Peter Sly (UQ-AID, LCCH)

Air-liquid interface cultures of primary airway epithelial cells for studying innate immunity and susceptibility to infection

4.15pm Mark Walker - closing then mixer


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