Researcher biography

Dr Swaid Abdullah is a teaching and research academic at the School of Veterinary Science, UQ. He is a veterinarian and has been working on parasites of veterinary and zoonotic importance for last 15 years. Swaid undertook his PhD on tick-borne diseases at the University of Bristol, United Kingdom.

Dr Abdullah has a special research interest in understanding vector, pathogen and host interactions, effect of climate change on their ecology and epidemiology, and related sustainable control strategies. He has an expertise in ticks and tick-borne pathogens and is currently looking at the investigating the prevalence and spatial distribution these pathogens among wild canids across Queensland state.

For past 5 years, Swaid has been working on hookworm infection in owned dogs and dogs in various adoption centres and shelter facilities across the Southeast Queensland. He is especially interested in effective worm control, prevention of zoonoses, and investigates drug resistance development in these parasites.

Dr Abdullah is Queensland state representative of the Australian Society for Parasitology.


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