Thursday 26 May, 4.15-5.00pm

Eureka Prize winner Speaker: Marc Pellegrini (WEHI)

Title: “Therapy to eliminate HBV infected cells, resulting in clearance of the virus in pre-clinical models”

Venue: Physiology lecture room, Building 63, Room 358, St. Lucia Contact/host: Mark Schembri (ph 3365 3306)


Thursday 21 July, 3-4pm

Speaker: Ian Van Driel (University of Melbourne)

Title: “Cooperative circuits in the acute response to bacterial lung infection”

Venue: AIBN seminar room, St. Lucia Contact/host: Matt Sweet (ph 3346 2082)


Thursday 1 September, 3-4pm

Speaker: Gilda Tachedjian (University of Melbourne)

Title: “Discovering new antivirals for HIV treatment and prevention”

Venue: AIBN seminar room, St. Lucia Contact/host: Alex Khromykh (ph 3346 7219)


Thursday 13 October, 3-4pm

Speaker: Martina Sanderson Smith (University of Wollongong)

Title: “Glycan binding by group A streptococcal M protein and role in pathogenesis”

Venue: AIBN seminar room, St. Lucia Contact/host: Mark Walker (ph 3346 1623)


Wednesday 16 November, 12.00pm

Speaker: Colby Zaph (Monash University)

Title: “Molecular mechanisms regulating immunity and inflammation at barrier surfaces”.

Venue: QIMRB seminar room, Herston Contact/host: Christian Engwerda (ph 3362 0428)